Lessons from The Cheshire Cat in Concealment & Misdirection

Cyber deception has come a long way from deploying honeypots on the external interface to research attack activity. Nowadays, deception technology has matured such that savvy CISOs consider it a necessary function of a Zero Trust Architecture, particularly with the following use cases:

• Insider threat detection
• Ransomware
• Active Directory protection
• Identity and credential protection
• Unmanaged device protection

Today, there is more to modern deception than just deploying bait and decoys inside the network. Innovations in concealment technology specifically derail attackers using advanced credential attack techniques. By hiding and denying access to sensitive or privileged production credentials, objects, and data, attackers only see the bait at the endpoints and in Active Directory.

Unleash the Cheshire Cat to bring chaos to attackers. Join this session to learn about deception’s progression from simple honeypots and honeytokens, its place in a zero-trust environment, and concealment’s role in misdirecting and misinforming attackers.

Guest Speaker
Joseph Salazar – Attivo Networks
Joseph Salazar is a veteran Information Security professional with over 25 years of both military and civilian experience. He is a retired Major from the US Army Reserves, having served 22 years as a Counterintelligence Agent, Military Intelligence Officer, and Cyber-Security Officer. He’s been a Systems and Security Administrator, a CSIRT Analyst, a Security Operations Manager, and a Computer Forensic Investigator in his civilian career. He maintains the CISSP, CEH, and EnCE certifications, holds a BA in Legal Studies from UC Berkeley, and currently works for Attivo Networks in Technical Marketing.

With your host, Gary S. Miliefsky, Chairman, Cyber Defense Media Group and Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.



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