Passwords remain integral to security and Active Directory is the center of password authentication for most organizations. Take a comprehensive look at password security and the vulnerability brought on by bad password behavior from your end-users. The biggest concerns are risks like password spraying and the use of breached passwords that can open your organization to a cyber-attack. Meet compliance standards and stop users from creating passwords like Password1. Learn how to institute password best practices into your organization and protect your AD.

Speakers: Darren Siegel & Clay Kirkland

Darren Siegal’s bio:
Darren Siegel is a cyber security expert at Specops Software. He works as a lead IT engineer, helping organizations solve complex challenges within IT security. Darren has more than 17 years’ experience within Active Directory, IT security, servers, storage, virtualization, cloud, and identity and access management.

Clay Kirkland’s bio:
Clay Kirkland is a Product Specialist at Specops Software. With more than 14 years in IT, Clay has a breadth of experience as a solutions architect, engineer, and now product specialist at Specops Software. He has worked in many industries for organizations solving IT’s most pressing, and recurring, questions. Clay specializes in protecting data privacy, Active Directory infrastructures, Azure AD, and Group Policy.

Hosted by Gary Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

“Get Rid of End-Users’ Bad Behavior with Better Password Security”

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60+ minutes